Helping you to a healthier you!

Living a healthy lifestyle is what I do and helping others to do the same is my passion.

I have been in the fitness industry for 29 years and a weight loss consultant for over 10 years.   Through these years I have hungered for many things, mainly knowledge, tips and tools to make such a difficult ideal easier to attain for my clients and myself. Eat right and exercise, right? Only two things to do, sounds easy. But we all know how difficult it can be to implement.


Our individual journeys personalize our challenges but we all have it within ourselves to make change and slay the dragons from our past efforts. True health includes mental, emotional and physical aspects. Our mental and emotional components deeply affect our physical health as well. Therefore, learning how to be aware and regulate our thoughts and feelings will lead to success in our physical goals.

I am the mother of a 18 daughter and 26 year old son, both of whom have learned the balance of enjoying favorite foods, nourishing their bodies and taking care of their bodies partly from my encouragement, knowledge and example.

I continue to teach fitness classes at my facility as well as work with clients in a group setting or personal touch one on one.