Chose a Word, Not a Resolution

Chose a Word for the New Year!

I’ve never been a fan of New Year resolutions.  Don’t get me wrong. I love goal setting and affirmations but New Year’s resolutions don’t support the tendency most people have which is “all or nothing”.

The definition of resolution is “a firm decision to do or not to do something”.  That doesn’t support some of what it  takes to make lifestyle changes:

  • small steps in the right direction
  • progress not perfection
  • being flexible with a plan of action11-right-path

No matter what your resolution, it doesn’t take long for the motivation to wear off when results are not seen or you don’t stick to your plan!  Then it’s one more unsuccesful resolution  and we once again feel like a failure or are disappointed in ourselves.

So instead of a definitive resolution such as:

  • I am going to lose 20 lbs
  • I am going to work out 3x/week
  • I am going to only eat out on the weekends
  • I am going to save more money

Chose a word to inspire you and keep you focused  for the year!  It will still take commitment and intentionality, but a single word will be your compass to guide you back when you go astray!  Here are some word examples:

Health, Organize, Focus, Strength, Patience, Relax, Push, Trust, Progress, Adapt


My word for 2017 is PROCEED.

No matter what comes my way and challenges me or hurts me… I will PROCEED.  If I get knocked down…I will PROCEED.  I will set goals both personally and professionally and if I procrastinate or am unsuccessful, I will not emotinally put myself down, I will think of my word…PROCEED.  Even if my steps are small or there is a lot of distance between them, I will PROCEED!

So choose your word!

Put it several places where you will see it; share it with someone who supports you!  You will not be perfect and that’s ok. It’s not only ok; it’s expected  Even an occasional small step is still movement forward.  And that makes you successful!

Make it your best year ever!

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