Fall Fitness Fashion and Functionality


I started in the fitness business 31 years ago with Jazzercise (Judy Sheppard Missed shown above)  and boy could we rock the outfits in the 80’s!  They say trends all return someday.  ( Although I hope thong leotards DON’T make a comeback! Definitely not good with my long torso!)  So what’s trending now?

Let’s take a look with some of the great pieces offered by Athleta.

  • MONOTONE – wearing  different shades of the same color for your top and bottom.FullSizeRender_3


  • BIG FLORALS – these can be in bold colors or muted.

cn13762560 cn13786584 cn13612825This tight combines the muted floral with the mesh inserts and are one of my favorite tights!  Other plus is the wide waistband and level of compression which is so comfortable and supportive, unstinkable fabric, and breathable gusset.  That means you don’t have to wear anything underneath if you don’t want to!

  • DETAILS – Strappy, mesh inserts, more visible zippers (in jackets and bras), cutouts.  Choose fun bras that offer a variety of support levels and that we want to show under our outer layer !
Copper Zip It Bra is best for B and C cups with medium support and it unzips all the way!  Easy on, Easy off!
Infinity Strip Transcendence Bra has fun details that you want to show under your top or tank!
The new Front Zip Stealth Bra offers high support for C-DD and the Sculptek technology.

Check out the complete Athleta line at


When you work out you want to feel comfortable, yet supported.  When purchasing tights, they should be exactly that….TIGHT!  I used to buy them a size too big because they felt comfy in the store, but when working out, they fell down in the crotch or waist!  Now I buy a size smaller and they feel great!

Purchase good quality; yes you might spend a little more but you will love the pieces and they will last!  And the more you move, the longer your body will last too!  It’s so worth it!

To see my Katu Afternoon Live segment about Fall Fitness Fashion and workout clothes that can be worn for casual as well, go to http://katu.com/afternoon-live/lifestyle-health/fitness-wear-to-everyday-wear







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