From Work to Workout


Let’s elimate one excuse for not working out…. “I forgot to bring my clothes to work!”

Athleta has your back!  And your front, and your tights, and your jacket…

This is the segment I did on Katu Afternoon Live so show you some of the many options!

Chose clothes that you can wear to work or workout with little to no changes!  Plus, you get more bang for your buck!  So many of the tights are so darn cute that with a heel or boot they’re perfect for work.  Add a blazer (the one I’m wearing in the segment is from Athleta also) and WaaaLahhhh!

cn13370280If you don’t like to wear the slim fitting tights, there are plenty of loose pants to chose from that you can wear for exercise as well.

And what about bras?  Wow, have they come a long way! Exercise bras are often comfy enough to wear all day!  Don’t forget that when you’re jumping around with your exercise, you don’t want “the girls” to move…get the right fit and style for you.


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