Healthy Tips for Spring Break


My daughter came home from college for spring break very excited, like many Portlanders, to get out of town and go to the sunshine!  If you’re lucky enough to get a break from school or work and get out of town, should it also be a break from taking care of yourself?  Now don’t get me wrong!  I’m all about relaxing and splurges…but think about how you want to feel while you’re on vacation AND  when you get home.  You can have all kinds of fun with food, drink, and relaxing if you follow my SPRING BREAK TIPS!

  1.  If you’re heading to the airport, eat before you go.  Are you on one of those really early flights and have to rush out the door without even your coffee?  No problem!  As you finish your check list the night before, pack a breakfast and snacks for the plane.
  2. Ooops, forgot to pack a breakfast? I suggest going to Starbucks (doesn’t every airport have one?)  My favorite is the Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Egg White Sandwich or the Feta Egg Wrap.  Both are low in calories and will give you protein and fiber to help you stay full!

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.38.36 AM

Order  your coffee and buy a banana and you’re set to fly!  (Remember to check the cals in other coffee drinks…some are loaded!)  If you need gluten free, Starbucks now has a Gluten-Free Smoked Canadian BAcon & Egg Sandwich with only 280 cals and 18 g protein!

gluten free starbucks



3.  Whether your driving or flying, there is likely to be a SNACK ATTACK so be prepared! If not, you’re likely to eat something that you might have to pay too much for, isn’t that good and  really don’t want!   My favorite snacks to pack are easy to eat fruit, baggies of popcorn or trail mix (make your own), and jerky.  Now I have protein and fiber!

4.  Always pack a water bottle!  Yes it’ll be empty till you go through security.  But now you can fill it for the flight and not have to wait for the attendant to offer a beverage and you’ll have it to stay hydrated your entire trip!  If you’ll be poolside somewhere (yes, I’m jealous) you can fill it in your  room with water or poolside cocktail…that’ll save you a bundle $$$$!



5.  Best workout tool for travel is a band or tube!  They won’t take up any room in your suitcase and you can work your upper and lower body and your abs!  Not sure how to use one?  Go to youtube and search exercises with a band and Wahhhlahhhh!


6.  Take Oatmeal packets.  This is my “go to” breakfast when traveling.  It’s not too difficult to find either really hot water or a microwave to prepare it. Paired with some coffee or latte and a banana I’m ready for the morning!   The Kashi Go Lean is my favorite brand but I can’t find it anymore! But this Quaker brand is easy to find and healthy.


7.  Pack snacks:  microwave popcorn (make sure there’s a microwave), jerky, protein bars (under 200 cals with protein such as Special K Protein Snack Bar), nuts and a dark chocolate bar.



8. Of course you’ll want to eat at your favorite restaurants or enjoy beverages and food but do it with a little planning.  Choose no more than one splurge/day.  Is it the breakfast buffet? Or dinner that night?  Your favorite dessert?

9. Exercise!  Did you think I forgot?  Not only will you feel better because of the splurges (emotionally and physically)…you will have more energy and sleep better.  It may not be the amount or intensity of your workouts at home, but  JUST DO IT!

10.  Exercises when traveling.  Whether you’re sitting in a car or airplane, you can do a few simple moves to get that blood circulating!

  • a.  Sit tall and gently twist your torso each direction.
  • b.  Contract your abs (like someone is going to punch you in the abdomen)  and hold for count of 5 or 10, rest couple seconds and keep repeating. Vary it with differenet pulses.
  • c.  Place fist between your legs above your knees and squeeze inside thighs together.  Use same counting method as abs.
  • d.  Lift bent leg up off of the seat and hold.  Switch legs and repeat till tired.  Try both legs at the same time!
  • e.  If flying, get up once in a while! I know it’s awkward if you’re by the window or middle but hopefully you know those you’re next to!  If driving,  move when you stop.  Stretch! Pick your knees up! Jump!  Walk!

To see my segment about Having a Healthy Spring Break on  KATU Afternoon Live go to

Don’t let this be you!fat-monkey-how-i-feel-after-vacation

You can do it!

Enjoy your vacation and love the way you feel when you get home!  





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