How to Choose and Make Your Own Ice Cream!


It’s summer and who doesn’t love ice cream?!  (Although I love it any time of year)  There are so many ice creams and frozen desserts available now!  How do you know which one to chose?

Here is an easy to read article that will guide you with your choices.

I am dairy free but when I went to the store I could not find an almond milk or coconut milk ice cream that wasn’t really high in saturated fat. I know that the saturated fat in coconut milk is a medium chain fat and can actually help increase your HDL’s but I’m still careful due to family history.   Do you prefer dairy free?  This info will help you to make the right choice!

Since I couldn’t find a frozen dessert, I decided to do a little internet searching for one I can make and found this yummy banana chocolate ice cream  recipe!  Oh my gosh, it is sooooo  creamy and yummy! When I made it on Katu Afternoon Live, the host poured a little more almond milk  than I had planned  into my Vitamix but I actually liked it better! It was so creamy and when I put it in the freezer it was perfect!   I also love all the varieties of healthy ice creams and desserts from this website that I know you will enjoy as well!


Don’t deny yourself your favorite things…like dessert.  Find healthy versions of your favorites that you can enjoy again and again!



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