Change Coaching

Change is difficult; period. Even if we know our life/situation will be better if we make a change, it can seem easier to stay where we are. My goal is to help you discover the motivations (plural because there are several and they change) that will keep you moving forward, to provide knowledge, tips and tools that will be your weapons in slaying the dragons.

I offer both a group setting and/or one on one personal touch sessions.

Group Sessions

In the group sessions I lead discussions pertaining to all aspects of healthy eating and lifestyle. You will learn how to volumize your meals, eat out without guilt, get through the night without emptying the pantry, move your body when you don’t really want to or think you have the time, learn how to control emotional eating, quit being a self sacrificer and take better care of you, AND MORE!

Kick start client: 1 hour session to determine points of focus and through motivational interviewing, I will help you determine the strategies to achieve the desired changes and goals.

Family Wellness

A home visit to educate and motivate the family and create a healthy kitchen!

Personal Touch Individual Counseling/Training

This is all about YOU! (isn’t it about time?) Your personal challenges and successes! Hour can be divided up as needed or requested by client:

  • A consultation that will recognize your “wins”, and motivation, create a focus/plan of action, review/create your menu, provide accountability and the skillpower to succeed
  • Personal training exercise session
  • Home visit
  • Grocery shopping

(You will achieve the best results with consistency so sessions must be used within 10 weeks)