Stay Motivated to Exercise!

Whether you are young, old, overweight or already fit…

EVERY BODY NEEDS ACTIVITY!peopleexercising_13

Sure it’s challenging! You keep saying you’re going to workout and maybe you do…but it doesn’t last.  But you can change that with a few modifications and motivation!group_outdoors2

Even though exercise is part of my job, and like you, there are times when I just don’t feel like going.  But don’t make it a habit. Our bodies are meant to move and you deserve to feel healthy!

First step is to do a little self evaluation.  What are your barriers or past excuses?  Make a list of them and then across from each one write a reasonable and attainable solution.  Here are some ideas that might help you overcome  barriers: 

  • SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUTS – Where do you keep track of your appointments?  Your phone? Daytime?  Plan ahead and schedule your workouts then record them and you keep that appointment with yourself or at the gym!
  • FIND A WORKOUT PARTNER OR SOMEONE TO BE ACCOUNTABLE TO –  You’ve heard it before!  Buddy up! You’re more likely to exercise  if you have someone to do it with!  And  set up a “bail jar”.  If the person bails, she has to put $5 in her jar.  When the jar reaches $20, she has to buy you a gift with the cash and vice versa!  If you don’t have a workout  partner but have asked a spouse or someone else to be accountable to, set up your own jar then buy that person a gift or donate it to a local shelter or charity of your choice! workout-partner-benefits-strength


  • 358b56ebc3af7d928918ffffb957a6a9SET REALISTIC GOALS WITH REWARDS –  Is it the summer swimsuit that you want to feel good in?  To run/walk a 5K?  Whatever it is, write your goal with clear milestones and set up reward system for those milestones!  A manicure, new outfit, favorite lipstick…it doesn’t have to be expensive.  Be sure to revisit your goal every day!  Put it where you will see it; on your screensaver, desk, refrigerator!  Post it’s are great for this!



  • DRESS THE PART – Have your workout clothes out the night before for a morning workout; keep an extra set in your car in case you forget your gym bag.  If your plan is to workout when you get home from work, have your clothes laid out when you leave for work or better yet, the night before since mornings can be rushed!

very-happy-child-little-girl-isolated-white-background-73119984Don’t you love how you feel in a new outfit?  The same is true for exercise clothes!  If you’re wearing the same old sportsbra and bottoms for exercise, reward yourself with a new workout outfit!  I swear I have more energy and am happier with a new top and bottom from Athleta!



  • THINK FUN AND VARIETY – Keep in mind that if it’s not convenient, affordable and “fun” you probably won’t stick with it.  While doing the exercise, “fun” might not be what you’re thinking, but perhaps it’s fun to see your friends there or to treat yourself to a nonfat latte after your workout!   Try different workouts! Or a different instructor!  There’s a lot to chose from these days!


  • GET APPS FOR WORKOUTS, ACCOUNTABILITY AND MUSIC – There are so many exercise apps available.  Think about what you need…variety of music with a good beat for exercise, quick workout, accountability, competition, community, motivation?  It’s all there!  Check out the following article which lists the top exercise apps for 2017.,2817,2485287,00.asp










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